Unity3d brown bag

Last week at work I ran a short brown bag session at work on Unity3d. Whilst my office job (with a HR/payroll systems provider) doesn't have much use for 3d games technology, my team were all very enthusiastic to get an overview of games development .

I covered at breakneck pace some of Unity's basic functionality, and how/where you can add your own code to get things running. Starting from scratch and using the stock asset bundles, I put together a quick (and boxy!) FPS scene with a working gun and destroyable barrels.

I did practise-run for this in a Bitbucket repo that is publicly available here. The code there is almost exactly what we ended up with in the session in less than an hour. Right now it's provided without documentation, but if people are interested then I could sanitise my brief notes into something vaguely useful...